PharmaChain at a glance

  • GXP compliant network of strategically located stations
  • Rigorous trade lane and carrier assessment with our specifically developed web-based risk management system
    Dedicated SOP generated for every single shipment
  • Real-time temperature monitoring with active sensors
  • Door-to-door track and trace provided by our KN Login web-based information management system – around the clock
  • All critical documentation accessible via the web 24/7 from document management system
  • Dedicated CareTeam actively tracking your shipments with specially designed dashboard monitoring, alarm and control system

KN PharmaChain benefits include:

  • Reduced regulatory concern thanks to superior compliance levels
  • Enhanced process efficiency and cost optimisation
  • Greater peace of mind through increased logistics reliability
  • Less time spent resolving day-to-day operational issues
  • Reduced product losses due to enhanced visibility and traceability
  • Patient needs met via products arriving at the right time and in the right condition