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Back (16) Striking the right balance between digital and human customer service in the shipping industry

Technology does bring plenty of benefits and efficiencies to the shipping industry. However, when it comes to great customer service, a personal human touch is needed. This is how we use digital tools in collaboration with people.

Shipping is getting increasingly commoditised. The digitised world is continually evolving and making new rules. New technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and automation have allowed carriers and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) to enjoy greater efficiencies. With all these next-gen technologies, how can we balance customer care and digital experience? 

This article outlines how.

Technology that enables and serves human interaction

While technology enables consumers to enjoy instant and convenient experiences, there are still some services that require the human touch. We fundamentally believe that the use of technology should be centred on the idea of supporting human interaction, not replace it. 

With that belief, we designed eShipAsia to help you save time and effort by getting instant quotations and placing bookings online, and add a human touch through our team of experienced shipping customer service experts.

As our technology, algorithms and AI take care of routine tasks, our shipping customer service experts focus on issue resolution, building trust and long-lasting relationship with you. 

Dedicated, local staff for a personalised customer experience
It is common for online platforms to have a back office in a shared service centre. While this is operationally cost-efficient, this may not be so effective in helping you resolving urgent issues with local parties. 
Designed with you, shippers in mind, eShipAsia.com has a team of local, dedicated shipping customer service expert to guide you through the shipping process or answer any queries you may have. You can access these experts through email or phone.

Collaborative and problem-solving
Our team continuously tracks the progress of your shipment against critical milestones. We help identify potential disruptions to your supply chain and work with you to have these issues resolved. Not only do you get your shipments delivered promptly, you will also be able to provide an excellent service to your customers.
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