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Anyone working in the semiconductor industry can attest to the pace, accuracy and reliability needed to run your business, including the performance of your supply chain.

From the simple joy of connecting with a loved one to the world’s greatest technology breakthroughs, semiconductors power the electronic devices we have come to rely on.

As a product, semiconductors and their related components are highly complex to design, manufacture and transport.

Stakeholders in the semiconductor supply chain such as IDMs*, fabless manufacturers, foundries, OSATs*, capital equipment and material suppliers have the immense task of keeping their sensitive production materials, machines, and finished products on schedule and undamaged. On top of that, known and unknown supply chain challenges linger in the background and any disruption can cause chip shortages with rippling impact.

One misstep can potentially disrupt entire industries.

The industry’s unique requirements and demanding environment must be met with an equally specialised supply chain partner who understands all touchpoints of semiconductor-related products.

Semicon Logistics: your partner in quality and predictability

Kuehne+Nagel has been working with semiconductor companies large and small across the supply chain for years. Quality and predictability are embedded into our Semicon Logistics offering for all transport modes.

However, when production schedules are tight and you need that next level of trust in moving your product to the next touchpoint, the primary mode of transport is air. For that, you have a quality-certified airfreight service offering at your fingertips:

Specialised air logistics offering

Your goods are handled within our SemiconChain certified network operated by industry experts.

Your uninterrupted supply chain

Whether you are moving raw materials, chemicals, substrates, finished chips, wafers, capital equipment or constructing a new Fabreach out today to find out about reliable semiconductor logistics solutions for quick, predictable and safe deliveries through the toughest semiconductor supply chain challenges.

*IDMs: integrated device manufacturers
*OSATs: outsourced semiconductor assembly and test manufacturers